Relationships Matter.

Kirtland’s success is due in large part to the commitment and strength of our team. We have one of the most experienced investment teams in our market. Our partners have been working together for over 15 years to successfully acquire, manage and exit investments through varying economic conditions, including four recessionary periods. We work together in a very collegial environment that promotes teamwork and mutual respect.

  Title Joined Firm
Tom Littman President and Managing Partner 1995
Jim Foley Partner 2000
Corrie Menary Partner 2005
Ralph Della Ratta Partner 2022
Bill Bergen Operating Partner 2018
John Heckman Vice President of Finance 2005
Jacob Cole Analyst 2023
Diane Johnson Office Manager 1987

Supporting the experience of Kirtland’s professionals is its diverse base of individual limited partners and operating resources. We leverage our operating board and the operating resources we have developed over our many years of experience to support the growth, improvement and development needs of our portfolio companies.