Independent Sponsors

We’ve been in your shoes. Kirtland was founded back in 1977 as a pledge fund and spent our early years operating under this model. Our founders were focused on finding great deals and helping those businesses grow with our support.

While our fund structure has changed – our focus hasn’t. We are still looking to invest in great deals, including those sourced by independent sponsors. Kirtland can support independent sponsor led transactions as the control-equity investor.

We have partnered with independent sponsors in three investments in our current fund:  Arch Global Precision, Acme Cosmetic Components and EnviroScience.

Kirtland is an equity-focused investor and can be a helpful resource in a variety of transactions, including:

  • Opportunities that warrant a more conservative capital structure without a significant amount of debt;
  • Growth oriented investments that plan to use debt capacity in the future to fund add-on acquisitions; or
  • Situations where your mezzanine lender has a limited appetite for equity capital in your transaction.

Please contact Jim Foley at to discuss opportunities to work together.