Kirtland recognizes that the needs of business owners and management teams vary and our goal is to find a structure and solution that achieves those objectives. During our firm's 40+ year history, we've supported management buyouts, family succession needs, traditional recapitalizations, independent sponsor-led transactions, corporate divestitures, and executive buy-and-build strategies.

While Kirtland strives to be the control investor, we can structure our investments as common or preferred equity, and have the ability to invest a portion of our capital as debt. This flexibility allows us to provide owners/entrepreneurs and management teams with a tailored capital solution that best fits their objectives and the needs of the company. This creativity can give emerging managers, independent sponsors and next generation owners disproportionate upside opportunities relative to their cash investment or rollover at close.

An illustration of Kirtland’s flexibility and value-add is the build-up of Precision Dialogue.