About Us

We are business builders.  Kirtland invests in incredible companies and finds ways to help our businesses break through barriers that prevent them from capturing growth opportunities.  We support our management teams by making necessary investments in leadership, business infrastructure, and sales and marketing.  Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Kirtland has been building and growing businesses using this model for over 45 years.  

We are focused on investing in family and founder-owned businesses across three verticals: precision machining and engineered products, business service, and branded food and beverage companies. 

Kirtland has Midwestern values founded on the belief that strong relationships, hard work, discipline, experience, and a proven process, drive long-term investing success. 

Relationships Matter at Kirtland.

Interested in learning more about us?  Please reach out to Tom Littman at tlittman@kirtlandcapital.com